Select all rows found using conditional formatting?

I used conditional formatting to find duplicate email addresses in a calc sheet. All duplicates are highlighted in red. I need to copy all duplicate rows into a new sheet. Any suggestions how to do that without manually selecting each individual row?

There is a lengthy discussion link text that you schould not use this.

One bottle-neck is that cells appear to be highlighted, but the highlight is not equal to the background color. The color to retrieve by macro, is hidden in the cell property ‘conditionalformat’ and very dependent upon what you conditionally programmed.

If you can sort the sheet on email-name, than there is a more reliable and direct algorithm to select duplicates directly and subsequently copy the value (or the entire row) to another sheet.

Suppose row A contains the sorted E-mail adresses
Then formula for column B is =IF(LOWER(A1)=LOWER(A2);1;0) : looks ahead, copy formula in B1 to rest of cells in the column
Formula cell C2 is =IF(LOWER(A2)<>LOWER(A1);1;0) : looks backwards, copy to rest of cells C3, C4…
be aware that C1 contains 1 (no looking back possible)
Formula D: =IF(AND(B1=1;C1=1);A1;"")
Use macro to copy columns to the ,already added, Sheet2

Sub move_duplicate_column()
Dim oSheet as object, oSheet2 as object, value As string
Dim n As integer, iRow As Integer, iColumn As integer
Dim j As long	
	oSheet = thiscomponent.getSheets().getByIndex(0)
	oSheet2 = thiscomponent.getSheets().getByIndex(1)
	iColumn = 3   REM duplicates are in column D, A=0 index
	n = 0
	for iRow=1 To 900	REM adjust to last row filled
		oCell = oSheet.getCellByPosition(iColumn,iRow-1)
		value = oCell.getString
		If value<>"" Then   
			For j=0 To 9   Rem adjust to last column filled
			   	oCell = oSheet.getCellByPosition(j,iRow)
			   	value = oCell.getString()
				oCell = oSheet2.getCellByPosition(j,n)
			Next j
			n = n + 1
	next iRow
	Print "done"
End sub

Please, please none of this ugly, ineffecient Basic-code, use the Solution provided by @JohnSUN

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This is not a difficult task. You will need a simple formula like =COUNTIF(A:A;A2) and the Standard Filter tool