Setting Default Styles for Writer

I’d like to change the default styles for every part of new documents in writer. I’m not talking about a specific document, but any new document created.

For example, currently a new writer document has the font Liberation Serif. I would like that to be Liberation Sans. Paragraph style “Text Body” has no paragraph first line indenting, I’d like it to be indented 0.15 inches. Same thing with page margins, etc., etc.,…

How can I make changes to the various writer styles that will be used on every new document created, without having to specify a document or template each time?

See: Creating and Changing Default and Custom Templates?
A more detailled description is to find here:

Chapter 8, Introduction to Styles…173
What are styles?..174
The Styles deck in the Sidebar…174
Applying styles…175
Creating and modifying styles…186
Deleting styles…189
Example: creating and modifying paragraph styles…189
Using paragraph styles to define a hierarchy of headings…192
Chapter 9, Working with Styles…198
Creating custom (new) styles…199
Working with paragraph styles…201
Working with character styles…212
Working with frame styles…212
Working with page styles…214
Working with list styles…216
Using the Style Inspector…219
Chapter 10, Working with Templates…221
Creating a document from a template…222
Creating a template…223
Adding templates obtained from other sources…225
Editing a template…227
Changing the template assigned to a document…227
Setting a default template…228
Organizing templates…229
Other ways to manage templates…231

I don’t know why you posted all that. But I suppose somewhere in those 30 page references, there’s an answer…

Just prepare a document, make changes to styles, and save as template (File → Templates → Save As Template) and in the dialog select category My Templates and check the Set as default template box.

And of course the fine help Grantler pointed to.

One additional hint: If you use windows and select in Exporer the context menu to create an new Writer-file, it uses another set of templates. LibreOffice is not “asked” for this, so can’t interfere.
If you use this (or similiar setups in other OS) you have to store your default-template also in Windows.

… until v. 7.5 (tdf#139962).

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Will this also update for older installs (replacing my current choice) or only for new installs?

I’ll try that. Thank you.

The “templates” used for Windows Explorer’s New menu are located under the install location (Program Files by default). So they will be updated (replaced) upon program update.

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I also don’t know what this means.

I have to say this is the least intuitive comment editor I’ve ever seen. I literally have no idea how it works. I use many such editors on the web and this one seems to be like the others, but it’s not. Why doesn’t adding [quote] and [/quote] not work?

I suggest you read the guide to this site and follow the links to find out how to use markdown, This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? - #6 by erAck

In addition to the Writer Guide, you might find the book, Designing with LibreOffice, a useful reference. It can be downloaded from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

If you want to know the truth, I use many online comment editors on many different web sites. I get tired to trying to figure out how each one works. This one, is not really an editor, in the sense of providing anything other than the most basic features to format the reply. There’s not even a manual or wiki explaining how to use it. Instead, the user has to search in the ask pages themselves for answers to meta questions. Unfortunately, the search tools are not so good either. I usually fall back to Google for any searching related to LO. When I tried that with issues of formatting the replies, I get pages that tell you how to format LO documents.

Thank you for the reply. I’m done with the task at hand. Maybe I’ll have time to research how to use the tools and the web pages next time I use LO.