setting up database

I want to set up a property database how do I go about doing that

Too vague. See guidelines for asking.


Your question is too general for a forum question. It encompasses a number of different items to cover. Instead, I recommend you refer to the LO documentation page. Along with the Base documentation, if you scroll further down the page you will find some tutorials on creating a DB as well as some samples.

Click here for documentation page.

Specific questions are always welcome but this is too general.

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By the way, @Ratslinger, I’m starting to agree with you that many of these questions are answered somewhere else. Perhaps it’s that way for Base because it’s difficult to summarize related database questions and answers for searching. Each SQL query looks different at first. However, it does not seem to be as much of a problem for other LibreOffice components.

I see the same for all. Just don’t think you realize it yet. Example - recent onset (holidays of course) of label creation problems. This list goes on & on.