Show text of Heading 1 while scrolling

I am a recent convert to Libre Office from AOO because of one specific feature the LO has that AOO doesn’t when dealing with images. As such I am attempting to get the UI and effects to mimic those in AOO.

Specifically, in AOO while I am scrolling the text of the most recent application of Heading 1 style will display in a tooltip that vanishes when I stop scrolling. This is very useful when scrolling down through a 250K word novel, as it allows me to read the chapter titles.

Is it possible to set LO to do this as well?

Fixed in tdf#155462.

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I don’t know of an equivalent feature while scrolling. You may have two replacements:


Display the Navigator in the side pane (click on the compass icon) and expand the Headings section.

The closest heading preceding cursor position is highlighted. This indication depends on the expansion degree of the headings. When they are fully expanded, you get the most precise hint. When only level-1 headings are shown, the cursor position is known only to the chapter.

But this shows only cursor position. It does not change when scrolling until you set the cursor somewhere else.

However if your goal is to scroll to a definite heading of your book, simply double-click on the heading in the navigator.

##Chapter heading in header

If this is relevant to your book, you can echo the current chapter name in the header. This is done with field insertion.

Since the chapter name (or number) is then displayed on any page, you can stop scrolling when you have reached your destination.

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I tend to dislike anything that reduces the space occupied by text, so I don’t usually even display the icon for the Navigator. However your suggestions for how to use it to jump to a particular section should satisfy for the current project.

I am aware of putting the Chapter Heading in the header/footer (I tend to use footers), but that doesn’t help when I’m doing the initial writing, since I don’t put footers in until the very end of the writing and editing process.

Thank you for your answer, but I’d still like to know if the tooltip during scroll is even possible.


This is the only workable solution anyone has offered so far. It will take some adjustment for me to get used to this, which is similar to how Word’s “Navigation View” pane works, only their navigation pane automatically displays which heading (Chapter) the cursor is in without clicking.

While not as dynamic nor unobtrusive as the old floating tooltip, it is serviceable.

To be honest, this issue was almost enough for me to go back to OpenOffice since I didn’t know just how dependent I had become on such an innocuous little tooltip, but I think I can make this work, just closing the navigation pane after each use so none of my composition space is used by the navigation pane.

Apart from the fix implemented by mikekaganski above, 18 hours ago to fix the exact issue of tooltip. You really should thank him. According to bug report it will be available in 7.5.6 or