Simple question regarding currency exchanger


I have looked all over the place and still not found a solution to what to me seems like a rather simple problem.

So I have a calc document where I can see all my sales. The problem is that it is in EURO and I need it to be in SEK.
How do I easily convert all the EURO to SEK?

Keep in mind, I cannot use any built in programs but I have to use a formula. I have to use the specific currency exchange rate for every date In order to get the exact number.

How do I go about this? Keep in mind I am 100% newbie at this program.

I will exemplify below just to avoid any misunderstanding:

"Sale ABC - 100 EURO - 25 EURO Shipping - Total 125 EURO - Date - 2019-12-12

On date 2019-12-12 1 Euro was worth 10.10 SEK"

I need to very simply convert all EUROs on the date 2019-12-12 to SEK.
And then for a different date I suppose I have to do this again but with a different exchange rate etc.

Thank you very much.


may be studying the following prototype solution may help you:


The main idea is:

  • Have two sheets: One for the “Sale” (by date) and one for the “Exchange Rates” (by date)
  • Evaluate for a given Sale Date the related Exchange Rate (by using function VLOOKUP())
  • Use this evaluated exchange rate to calculate the SEK values (in columns G and H) from the given EUR values in columns C and D.

Hope that helps.