soffice closed unexpectedly

I have been using LO Calc for 10 months.
Today I used LO Base for the first time.
I have selected Firebird embedded.

I have copied a ‘small’ range of LO Calc cells and pasted for appending a LO Base table.
But there was an error message mentioning :
image description
LO Calc and Base were closed immediately.

After that, there was a box for recovering LO Calc file and LO Base file.
For LO Calc file, I am not sure for it was previously saved.
But for LO Base file, such table that I’d like to paste into; is gone.

What could be the problem of this ?

Fedora 30 Workstation / Plasma KDE Desktop Environment / LibreOffice Version: + Firebird embedded in Base

If the error is repeatable, you should report a bug on Bugzilla. After the entry as bug, please edit your question here on “ask.LibreOffice” and enter the link to your bug here.


There are noted bugs in Firebird embedded when the receiving field (Base) is of decimal or numeric type. It may be best to have these receiving field(s) be set as type DOUBLE PRECISION instead. There is also another alternative if numeric or decimal is absolutely needed. Please see related posts:

Problem importing decimal data from CALC sheet to Firebird Base table

Firebird Migration: Number [ NUMERIC ] Field Data Corruption

If this is of no help, please provide more detailed information on what type of data was being copied to what type of fields in Base.