Sometimes i wonder, if user login and his/her all settings/preference syncing will be ever be possible in LibreOffice or not!

Like Microsoft Office. All the words which I added to my Dictionary will just fade away. All customization and shortkey I created will certainly fade away at some point unless there is CLOUD SYNCING available.

Its really annoying to redo things,
customize entire thing again.

There is whole another level of possibility where things get synced

Somehow I don’t see a reason for downvoting the question. Though in my opinion this cannot (and should not) be implemented, the question itself is quite reasonable, and deserves an answer with reasoning, not a downvote.

As a workaround you could take your LibreOffice as a portable version on usb drive and then work on it. But in many cases this could be a bit inconvenient…

To make this possible, The Document Foundation should start providing some cloud-based services to users, which includes having resources to safely keep personal data of users, and provide reliable access to that data. That implies spending substantial amount to keep the required infrastructure (or to pay another entity to do that, and also to audit itself and/or that other entity for safeness and security issues)… and all other possible spendings.

It is totally out of scope of non-profit The Document Foundation; and could only be possible for commercial customers of some company making profits.

I am not 100% sure what you question is, but i’ll make some guesses:

Q: Is there an option in LO to sync its preferences between installations?

A: No, not in LO itself as far as i am aware (please somebody correct me if i am wrong)

Q: Is it possible to sync LO preferences between installations? And how?

A: Yes, you can sync the whole preference folder with tools like rsync or similar.

Q: Will the documentfondation every provide a sync service?

A: Not very likely …

Hope that helps.

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Take a look at It is a free cloud-based version control system through which you can store your libreoffice config directory – in multiple versions – and download any of those versions to any device with a web-browser.

Its stated purpose is for the storage of source code, but you can store any files you like there.

The free version creates a publicly accessible repository, but your repository is not published so given the widespread use of github, your repo is a grain of sand.

On the other hand, creating your own git repository on your own computer is fairly trivial if you have technical knowledge.