Standalone apps in base?

I’ve read in features, it is possible to build stand-alone applications with base. I would like to know how.

I understand stand-alone as an executable file.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Kev2,

Based on what I’ve been able to dig up with Lord Google, no, LO Calc is not able to create a standalone executable that includes a database, etc. I apologize if any of our documentation or marketing materials implied that such a configuration was possible.

As Alex Thurgood explains (emphasis mine):

If you mean standalone as in executable, then no, LibreOffice will not
do that for you.

If you mean a single file that you can give to someone else that they
can then use as their database, then yes, it is possible, but it will
require that person to install LibreOffice or on their
, and preferably exactly the same version of LibreOffice that
you used to create the database file in the first place.

I think when people used the word “standalone” in terms of Base, they may have been referring to the ability to install only some of the components of LO, such as just Base (without Writer, Calc, etc…).

I understood, thank you so much.