Stop Page Numbering from Restarting?


I have a document with multiple page templates. I have a title page template, body page template, and conclusion page template. Somehow, between the body pages, (not between tile page template and body page templates), the page numbering in the footers restarts, and I cannot get it to “continue” from previous page. Why is the page numbering restarting? I can’t find any manual page breaks when/where it does this. How can I stop the page numbers from restarting. Is there something I can look for in the XML source to remove/edit to fix this?

The paragraph style does not contain a break either. …


Which version do you use? There is currently issue fdo#79303. Please look, whether you are affected.

Is there any help in the comment in this Q&A? It’s a bit counter-intuitive to look for this “page” setting in conjunction with a paragraph style…