Sum if multiple criteria

Is there a way to construct a formula to produce a sum based on several criteria?

For example, I’d like to get a sum in L3 of column F where it’s today’s date (column A), and the symbol in column B = K3.

I tried several things with SUMIF, but it’s beyond my meager abilities.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas.



How the date intervene in the process? Do you want all values in F in L3 for today’s date?

This formula will give F3 value:


If do you want a blank cell instead of zero when B3≠K3:


Thanks Leroy!
Yes, I’m trying to get all the values in F3 for today’s date where the symbols in B column match K3.
Also when I type in a semi-colon as you have in your formulas, it defaults to a comma on entry on my system. Any idea what’s up with that?

What about SUMIFS()?

Something like as =SUMIFS(F2:F20;A2:A20;TODAY();B2:B20;K3)?

Thanks for the response John! That works!

Many thanks!