SUM of columns not correct

I have read various other posts and perhaps I am missing something, but I have been using this spreadsheet for quite some time and there has never been an error. Now the column total for Column I is not correct. It should be $2242.86, but is it coming up at $2242.73. Furthermore, when I add the 58.91 values together using the SUM function, it gives me 1531.53 instead of the correct value 1531.66. I believe I have searched for hidden values, etc, but I cannot resolve this. I have uploaded the file and appreciate your assistance! TEST FILE.ods

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just format your cells in column I to numbers having 4 decimal places and you’ll recognize the mismatch of your actual results and your expected ones. You seem to expect formatting also performs some kind of rounding of values to 2 digits, which isn’t true. The sum in your sample file is absolutely correct, but sum calculates the numbers stored (calculated) in the cells and not those shown to you by telling LibreOffice just to show 2-decimal places.

Thus changing the formula to: =ROUND((D3+E3)*0,7;2) will solve your problem (using SUM() is superfluous in this case)
see also: RoundingError-Modified.ods

Hope that helps.

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Thank so much!! I have been an Excel user for a very long time, and I am trying to make the switch to Calc. I really appreciate your assistance!!!