Sum of formulated range not working.

I am trying to sum a range where each cell in the range is the result of a formula, but for some reason it doesn’t work, the sum is always zero. I have created a simplified reproducible case. See attached image and spreadsheet demonstrating the problem. Any ideas?



could someone add [solved - formatting error] or similar to the tile


There should be no quotes surrounding the 1 in the formulas:

=IF(B4="Y", "1", 0)

should be:

=IF(B4="Y", 1, 0)

P.S. There is not need to yell out your question - ALL CAPS.

Thank you for your answer. For your information the title I copied and pasted in a hurry from the spreadsheet which is capitalised, just a simple matter I overlooked but then in my world a title being capitalised or emboldenned is commonplace since its a title, its not intended to mean anything else, so you shouldn’t be so quick jump to conclusions.


You are correct. I should have only stated to “Please not use all caps in your question as this is taken by most as yelling”.

No worries. I cant believe I even asked this question, its so obvious, I cant believe I didn’t notice the quotes, clearly Ive been working too long and too late :slight_smile:

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