text search in multi text cells

interesting loop - I’ll have to get my head around some of the variables…

did a short check, both solutions work, @mgl and @igorlius, both dynamic, different results: igorlius counts the occurence of the search term in the range, including multiple occurences in a cell, while mgl counts ‘cells containing the search term’, and thus neglects dupli- or multicates in one cell,
‘total number of Bills’ from the question isn’t cleanly unambigous, but sounds more like ‘all’ to me, thus question: 3, mgl: 2, igorlius: 1

@luber1 Sorry my solution does not handle the whole word search (aka. hillbilly) I might comeback later and create a differnt solution / macro which actually uses the regex service. Hope it still helps a little for now.

Currently counta variations result in 0 and the countif variations give a number result but a higher number than actual - it seems to get confused by commas

@luber1 i updated my answer with the promised regex version. Hope it helps. - Had to patch the function, because it had a bug. Sorry.