the ball red

Good morning,

I wanted to call help on a certain point. My calasheet has been highlighting the ball red for some time. The more on a given station, the underline of the grub. I have no idea how it will be possible, if it is possible at all. Attach a sample photo.

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Polish question copied by ajlittoz from a “non-answer” (subsequently deleted):

Dzień dobry,

Chciałem uzyskać pomoc w pewnej kwestii. Mój arkusz kalkulacyjny od pewnego czasu podświetla komórki na czerwono. Im więcej modyfikacji danej komórki tym podkreślenie grubsze. Nie mam pomysłu jak to wyłączyć o ile w ogóle istnieje taka możliwość. Dołączam poglądowe zdjęcie.

Have you used Google Translate? Result is not really usable. Please edit your question to add the Polish version. Maybe some contributor speaks Polish and will be able to better translate (or answer directly).

A slightly more legible translation:

I want to get help on a matter.

My calculation sheet has been illuminated in red for some time.
The more modifications of a given cell, the thicker the emphasis.
I have no idea how to turn it off while there is a possibility.
I attach a picture.

You may have accidentally enabled Edit | Track Changes | Record. Go there and uncheck Record or press Shift + Ctrl + C which toggles record changes on and off.