This is about calc, I want to have a chart with one row as X-axes and one Column as Y-axes

I always do long questions and I do not talk or write English native, so sorry for my grammar!
This is several issues.

  1. I want to have the possibility to choose my X and Y axes from a sheet and sometimes just one of them
  2. When I use numbers as in this X-axes where values start from 0, then 17, 28,59,100 and so on, Y-axes same
    with values from 0,11,17,54,150 and so on, and I want these axes to be proportional within a practical view of the chart.
  3. This is field-values, that is plotted outdoor, then plot has to be logical to fill.
  4. Calculations that is done is not so complex but there are some "IF"s there, some calculations are useful, but not in a graph /chart but necessary, and some are useful in a graph, then I want to pick rows or columns to put in chart, let’s say D,G,H,M, and of course I want each graph to be named(that I can do in Libre already).

So this is kind idea I have about graphs /charts, I seen it done 20 y ago, so today should this be easy! I’m not a programmer, but like things neat when I work in a program.

I have used a lot of programs as Lotus (that was real nice), Word Perfect, Open office, Microsoft Office and now Libre Office but none was this possible to do without Mesa2.

It’s always fun to open other formats in what you use as office app, else all this useless programs you just use once in while. At some point others has to struggle with your format, because it can do smarter things, then they adapt fast!

probably you could succeed with creating an XY (Scatter) chart.

Before you ask so many questions in one thread, keep in mind that there are some good manuals for your help:

For later queries please do ask only one per question. Thank you.