Toggle between two figures via animation in Impress

I wanna create button to switch between two figures in presentation. It must be displayed and work correctly in PowerPoint too. Here is my attempt to do that:

But it doesn’t work: when I press Show circle the corresponding animation quickly ends. How to fix it?

I post my question here because my original one didn’t get any response.

As a work-around you could use my solution as interactions (between rectangles and slides) and not animations. Impress seems to me as always and still under construction… I did not test the result on Powerpoint, that is your issue. :smiling_face_with_tear:

ShowCircleRectangle.odp (15.7 KB)

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I can’t use multiple slides because I wanna make several switchable figures on my slide at once. It was not a problem in PowerPoint… Where the best place to ask developers about this issue?

QA/BugReport - The Document Foundation Wiki

I checked the problem in ApacheOpenOffice, too. Seems to be a long-term issue…