TreeView based table of content


Is it possible to insert TreeView based table of content into the .odt document?
I’d like to create something which can be found in good organized .pdf documents, on the left side there is the TOC organized into TreeView with open-able and close-able tree nodes. Clicking on a leaf tree node shows the appropriate section of the document on the right side of the window.
Is it possible to do such document with LibreOffice Writer?

If you simply organize your document using LibO Writer’s built-in Style Headings (with their levels), in conjunction with Tools > Outline Numbering... > Numbering, and assign those styles to outline levels, Writer’s own PDF export will produce the collapsible tree-ToC you have in mind. Here’s an example:

Is that what you’re after? I’ve attached the sample file ToC_Sample.odt that produced that ToC so you can check results at your end.

P.S. You can (of course!) use this in conjunction with @oweng’s suggestion about the F5 navigator, as this screenshot (on the same file) demonstrates. Hope that helps!

The feature you indicate relates to the PDF reader software (as shown here). The equivalent is the Navigator in LO (as shown here) which is accessing via F5. Neither are part of the document in question, but rather a graphical depiction of entries in the document. I can’t imagine how it would be possible to insert an object like this into a document (e.g., ODT). Exporting to PDF, which has a fixed page size, would likely cause the list of entries on the page to exceed the page dimensions.