Trying to open MS Access Database with Base

When I try to open a MS Access 2013 database I am directed to connect to it instead. However I then get two errors:
The connection to the data source “New Database2” could not be established. and SQL Status: HY000

The connection could not be created. Maybe the necessary data provider is not installed.

When I choose ‘open file’ from the start screen it says the database is corrupt and needs to be repaired. However it then fails to repair it.

The database opens perfectly in MS Access and I have tried the repair function.

Please can someone assit?


LibreOffice Base could only connect to the datasource of you Access-file. It couldn’t open Access-files directly.

Have a look here: How to connect to a Microsoft Access database - The Document Foundation Wiki

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You can also look here.

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Thank you all.

Clearly way to complex so not the software for me.

Kind regards