two Autocorrect suggestions

I have two suggestions for autocorrect that I think would improve it.

The first is to provide a hotkey for the “always correct to” context menu item. I use this several times a day and don’t see why it doesn’t have a menu hotkey.

The second concerns the replacement table dialog. LO seems to have taken its cue from MSO, in that if you select a word and then open the Autocorrect dialog, the selected word is loaded into the second, “[Replace] With”, field, not the first, “Replace [this]”, field. This makes no sense at all. The selected word is what I want to change, and should be loaded into the first field, which is the field that triggers the action. As it is now, I have to type the word again into the first field, and then edit the word already in the second field. The selected word should be loaded into the first field, or possibly into both fields.

Discussions of this kind will not have any effect if taking place in this forum, I am afraid.
Any feature requests and enhancement proposals for LibreOffice by users are discussed the same way as bug reports at this dedicated site.