Unable to install Libre Office on windows 10 since latest windows update.

Hi since the latest windows 10 update I have been unable to install the most recent Libre Office suite, it fails on various laptops with different anti-virus suits running. Windows allows the installation to begin and once the old version of Libre Office has been removed, the installation of the new version is stopped with the message the unauthorised changes to the registry have been prevented. Thus Libre Office is removed if I try an upgrade. I tried to install as an Administrator because this should allow changes to the registry, but windows 10 now will not allow your latest install to be run with Administrator privileges, although other programme install packages can still be run as an Administrator. It seems that Microsoft are preventing the latest windows 10 users from installing your Libre Office suite, and removing the old one at the same time. I could be wrong, but I have used and installed your Office suit from the beginning and have never had this trouble before. If you know how to solve this problem, please let me know, any help is appreciated.

The answer to this question may offer some guidance.

Please see this FAQ for recommendations how to troubleshoot.