Unintended change of username due transmission to discourse


due the migration of ask.libreoffice.org to discourse my username has changed, probably because the main-username from:

as you can see my Username in the askbot-profile (was | is) karolus
Is there any chance to use the well-known karolus instead wertie

The new Discourse Ask uses the Single-Sign-On (SSO) username if it was present and accounts’ email matched. See the migration post and the mails it links to. Infra might be able to re-associate things but I don’t know.

Unfortunately renaming is no longer an option, this was an announced change and we had a long transition period to uncover such bad surprises :-). The username field in our Single Sign-On platform is freeform and you chose that new ”identity” when creating your account there.

I did not ask for renaming - I ask for using the very same and valid username i used before transition on askbot.

There is no good way to do that now that we switched over the production instance.

That was incorrect. It’s doable, although it’s quite tedious and doesn’t rewrite all @username so some are left dangling (or pointing to the wrong user)… Done anyway.

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@guilhem: Many thanks!