V6.0.6.2 not starting. error message: api-win-crt-string-ll1-1-0.dll is missing

V6.0.6.2 not starting. I get an error message telling me that api-win-crt-string-ll1-1-0.dll is missing from my computer. I reinstalled and restarted but I get the same message. How do I resolve this?

Upgrading from V5.4. V5.4 has not been removed from my computer.

Please don’t post as wiki.

Also: what do you mean by “V5.4 has not been removed from my computer”? It likely has been removed, since you see the error (unless you are installing in parallel, or as a new portable installation, which cases aren’t technically “upgrading from V5.4”).

I didn’t know I posted as wiki. How do I avoid that?

It is a third-party software (likely Avast - at least I know that it creates tdf#119910) that had been installed prior to LibreOffice, and that installed a system component (UCRT) improperly, which breaks proper detection of the component’s presence and installation on the system.

In the next versions (6.1.3+), we have implemented a way to automatically “repair” in this case. Also, as a workaround, you may install the component from MS site - unpack the archive and launch an MSU that matches your OS (you haven’t mention it in your question, btw; see “Details” on the download site).

re: “I didn’t know I posted as wiki. How do I avoid that?”

To avoid that don’t check this box when you create your question:

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