Version is corrupted

I need to reinstall a version earlier than as it is corrupted. Where will I find the older version? Thank you!

Select the desired version in the archive.


Thank you. Where might I find the Archives?

Most likely you can fix the problem like this:
menu:Help>Restart in safe mode…
Check “Reset to factory settings” and “Reset user profile”
Under extra option click [Archive user profile]
[Accept changes and restart]

Install the latest versions of the extenstions you really need.
Open some of your frequently used documents and walk through Tools>Options to redo your preferences.
If you are missing any templates, macros, spell check dictionaries, don’t hesitate to ask how to restore these items from the archived old user profile.

I uninstalled version before I asked the question. I looked at the archives, I find the earlier version, however, I don’t know how to download it. When I click on the available link, I’m redirected to reading my mail in Yahoo, This is too funny. I just need to download an earlier version. Thank you

Please have a look at my additional comment above.

Thank you again. I’ll click on the msi files.

Solution ~ I forgot the first rule ~ KISS Keep it simple, sweetie. I downloaded the program again, installed it and everything is working as it should. Thank you to everyone who offered help.

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