Very fast blinking cursor: LO 7.0 macOS Mojave

I have installed LO 7.0 and notice that the cursor in all applications blinks at a very high and very distracting rate. Can I get a solid cursor or one that blinks at a slow, steady rate?

I have searched online help, these forums, and the bug tracker. There was one suggestion to change something in Keyboard Settings but that was for Linux.

Update: I also tried uninstalling v7.0 and trying The fast blinking cursor problem is there, as well.

I have macOS Mojave on a 2012 Macbook Pro 15" with Retina Display.

The answer at Is there any way to disable the blinding cursors? in MacOS.
fixed the problem on v6.4.6.2. Don’t know if it does on v7.0. I will keep the older version.