View/navigate Writer document as individual sheets, as one could in Calc?

Hi all, I have a rather lengthy writer document, and am wondering if there is any way that I could view its pages as individual sheets, with tabs that I can name and click to immediately access the relevant sheet, similar to what can be done in Calc? This would make it far easier to manage/the information easier to access for my purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can’t as is.

Main reason is: pages do not exist as primary object. They are allocated ad-hoc by text flow. You can display page thumbnails in print preview mode. The number of pages is controlled by the zoom factor. But there is no way to name pages or reference them in any way.

However, you can use the bookmark feature as a work around (in normal mode). Bookmark locations and name them. Bookmarks are listed in the Bookmarks category of the Navigator (F5). Double-click on a name to jump to this location.

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… and naming parts of document to manage information is usually better done using outline, like proper headings, also available in Navigator.


Great advice on the bookmark feature! Certainly the next best thing- very handy!