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A while ago (about a year or so) there were talks about a version of Libre Office that would work in the browser. Last time I heard about it was in the summer of 2012, since then nothing. I was really hoping it would be released… will it ever be?

I’ve started a project which allows you to access any Linux desktop application remotely through a web browser. It works quite well with LibreOffice. This means you could run LibreOffice on your server at home and access it from anywhere.

It’s not an ordinary remote desktop solution. It focuses on the application windows itself and nicely integrates them into your local desktop – so it feels as if you’re using a locally installed application.

Check it out here
Would love to hear your feedback!

Currently I’m trying to build up a user / developer community. Also check this thread here http://libreofficeforum.org/node/6013

+1. This solution and effort IMO deserve to be marked up. Well done.

Hi @am_butch,

Although some of the LO developers have worked on an prototype (see here), there’s nothing production-ready at this time. I’m not aware of this feature existing on any schedule or roadmap, so it might be some time before it is stable and supported.

Is this a feature that you might be interested in working on with us?


More notes:

Good place to start is the developers page

Specifically for hacking on the Web-based version with Broadway backend:

  1. Get the code; build it
  2. Build gtk version per the wiki page (above). If you have problems, feel free to ask for help on IRC
  3. Join dev list, introduce yourself; ask what’s next todo for web version.

You might want to do a couple of Easy Hacks , just to get familiar with the workflow and to show people that you’re committed to writing code for the project :slight_smile:

More info on the web-based version:

I gave it a thought and I am interested in working with you. How can I help?

Hi @am_butch, That sounds great. The Development page is a good place to start. What kind of programming experience do you have?

Amount of experience ordered descendig: php, javascript, C, C++, java. As for my C/C++ experience, it was mostly on linux. Is the communication going mainly over IRC?

@am_butch - There’s a developer channel at #libreoffice-dev, but look here first: http://www.libreoffice.org/developers-2/

See some more suggestions I’ve added in my Answer above

@am_butch Although I am just a simple user of LibO let me say thanks to you for offering development work!