What is CloudAv0505112936_3080 and can I delete it and a great number of such files?

I have a large number of this type files on my computer .They are some type of spreadsheet . I didn’t save them they have just appeared. I want to know if they can be deleted .They are part of LibreOffice.
There is OpenOffice in title also.

Googling for CloudAv gives many links to an antivirus software. These files cannot be a part of Libre/OpenOffice. But you might have such program on your system, and it might have suspected some infection and renamed files to such names to indicate its activity. It’s impossible to say what to do with those, and only you can say if you need that data.

CloudAV0215022516_3648 2/14/2017 9:26PM OpenOffice 1.1 Spreadsheet
This is one of the 119 such files I have on my computer. Can you tell me what they are and can I delete them?