What makes a good tag?

It is a relatively simple post, but it is mostly a complaint about “losers”, not the topic of my question. It is not challenging to read, just makes me sad.

If I understand tags aright. There used to search for questions, to learn. So, if your question is…what makes a good fishing bait… Seems only one key word, “bait”, therefore in the future others will see your question by searching or using the word “baits” in their question and will see answers that have “baits” in them. If I wanted to learn about “baits”, I would hit tags with “baits”. But if I wanted to learn about “formatting cells”, I would hit “cells” or “format”. So your …what makes a good “tag”… question will help those in the future as to what makes a good “tag”, by searching or using the word “tag”, to see what answers were given. A test in this site would be to use a word or words in search like, “tag”, or string of them, “Bible sort books”, and look at the suggestions in the pull down, or how search returns results, as to the tag words in the square boxes under the questions.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I don’t see how this helps people learn what makes a good tag. I am looking for guidelines or best practices.