When I click the Enter key, the style changes to footnote

  • I write in the style Normal.
  • I want a new paragraph, so I click the Return/Enter key.
  • The new text now comes in the style Footnote.

It seem that Libre Office belives Footnote is my default/normal style for text.

How do I fix this?

Where did the style Normal come from? It doesn’t sound planned or integrated. Text Body is the style you should really be using as your normal paragraph style until you understand the use of Styles.

  • Open the sidebar (Ctrl+F5), click on
    the Style icon and find your
    Paragraph Style Normal. Right-click
    on Normal and select Modify.
  • Select the tab Organiser and in the field Next Style choose Normal. Click Save.

I suggest using the built-in styles as it will be easier to manage. You can change the styles individually to suit, or if you change Default Paragraph Style then many of the changes will flow through to the dependent styles. You can see the inheritance field in the Organiser tab and that is how the magic happens.

See the Writer Guide for more information on Styles. Cheers, Al