When I create a new Document from the windows right click new menu there is no dictionary

The title says it all. I when I create a document from the start menu or create new document via Libre office the dictionary works fine (I set up a template and set it to default), but when I create a new document by right clicking in a window and selecting new open document etc the template is not used and I have to set the language every time. Any help is appreciated.

OS: Windows 7
LibreOffice: Version

Please have a look at this workaroundWhen I'm starting program it is no language to check spelling - #10 by manj_k.

I tried what that guide said but it does not work. I go to Tools > Options > Language settings > Languages and then select the default language from the list of available dictionaries but this does not change the language for anything at all. I have to go to Tools > Language > For all Text and select the language there or it has no effect. and again when I open a new document i have to do it again.

@Crito – Please, could you upload your customized "soffice.odt"

@Crito – Please have a look at my update → (Step 2 for LibreOffice 4.0).

See also → Spell checker not working on Docs created from desktop or folder

Thank you for taking the time to respond and figure out the issue. your edited step 2 worked just fine.PS: sorry for the delayed response I went out of town shortly after asking my question and only just read your response.

@Crito – Thanks for your feedback … :slight_smile: