When will the program-code of Libre Office allow preview of ODT-1.2-files in Windows (File-)Explorer Preview Pane without having (newest) MS Word installed?

In he meanwhile, comment 12 offers a file to “fix” the preview of ODF 1.2 (which confuses orcmid). Later, in comment 16, this is explained that the problem is that MSO 2007-2010 preview is unable to show such files, and that it’s because MSO preview stops as soon as it sees “1.2” in the manifest. So, the “fix” to allow old MSO preview to show such files is to put 1.1 into the ODF files, so it is not a OOo/AOO/LO preview!

Sorry to have to teach you reading.

If you have a working preview “before installing MSO 2007”, then that must be some other software (not OOo/AOO/LO) that offers that preview. OOo/AOO/LO don’t and didn’t provide this functionality. Never. Ever. This is all that to be said about that. No code inside that makes that happen. If you see something different, then you have another SW that makes that, so again: NOT OOo/AOO/LO.

Okay, so all that is actually missing, would be a LO- or AOO- standalone preview-handler for ODF-1.0/1.1 and 1.2-files? In the meanwhile I tried to implement the microsoft windows preview-handler for txt-files using regedit-tool (following a workaround found on the net), but that produced a preview of command-speech oft the odt-1.2-files in WExplorer Preview Pane. Thx for Your effort to help me! (I am no native english-speaker).

PS: Perhaps the correct word above instead of “command-speech” would be “machine-speech”, what I saw from ODT-1.2-files in WExplorer Preview Pane having in the Windows-registry implemented TXT-file-preview-handler from MS Windows for ODT-files.

Add folder to windows indexing and that is it

… and this does not address the question in any way.