Where can I find Ch 13 & appendices of the LibreOffice 3 Basic language Guide?

This wonderful document is available in a couple of places on the internet. The easiest place to find is at Scribd.com. The problem is that everywhere I have found it, chapter 13 and all the appendices are missing. Is there someplace I can access the document that it is complete?

In addition to the Macro wiki page provided by Pedro, the old Basic v3.x Guides can be found in these locations:

All documentation is officially hosted at the TDF wiki


You can get the full books or individual chapters.

Specifically for Basic programming you can find documentation in the following page


Unless there is a specific reason to stick with version 3.x, I would recommend updating the software to the 4.2 branch (version 4.2.6 should be out in a few days) and getting the updated documentation. If 4.2 is too different then you could try 4.1 (my current personal favorite is 4.1.6)

The documents at the wiki are, as it says there, “intended for LibreOffice end users”. The “LibreOffice 3 Basic Guide” covers the language of LibreOffic Basic, the runtime library, the API, and chapters for using basic with each of the LO products.

I could not find anything like this at the wiki reference. I am writing macros for use with Writer and Calc documents. I would be happy to go with LO 4, but did not find a basic language guide for 4. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

@BelcheRGB, apologies when I read Basic I though you meant a Starter manual (not Basic as a language)
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