Where can I find sample databases for Base?

Title says it all. Google is not giving me any good leads, despite framing the search terms in a variety of ways. There must be some decent sample *.odb files out there! (Does not need to be “Northwind”-sized!) Thanks!

The example databases that go with the Base Handbook v3.5-3.6 have now been made available (mailing list reference) on the Handbook page.

Update (2018-03-07) - the Base Handbook v. 5.0 databases are also available as a ZIP from the link above.

This question gets lots of views, so clearly there must be a felt need for the kind of sample db I asked about in the original question. One solitary answer. I keep looking myself from time to time, but have come up empty-handed.

Recently I found a useful set of Base tutorials by Jack Wallen on the TechRepublic site. I link to the final one, as it has links to previous entries in the series, and I can’t find a better way of linking to them all.

Hope this is a help for others viewing this question, and I still live in hope that some good Northwind-like :wink: sample(s) may appear some day.

Can this information and link possibly be added to Base helpfile or even the template folder?

@dajare, there are a set of tutorial databases by Robin Beaumont here. The thread here on Base documentation may also be of use.

@oweng - thanks for pulling these threads together. Providing more/better entry points for Base is very helpful!

I found this with a Google search and would upvote, except that I just created an account (and don’t get credit for my StackExchange rep). I’m also a little blown away that there isn’t a sample database provided with Base.

Computer Active has a single sample. It is still available from Archive.org:

(And remarkably, it still works in LibO Base!)

Page no longer exists

@AlexKemp, Because this question is closed, it can’t be updated. But the “answer” is now broken, as what it linked to is gone. IMHO, I think it’s a really bad idea to close questions, ever. Please re-open it so that others can provide updates and new answers. Thanks.

You could also try looking here:

I found multiple sample databases on the TheFrugleComputerGuy web site.


He has 96 video tutorials on using Base, and you can download the database used for each of the tutorials. These are very good tutorials.

He has LibreOffice tutorials for Base, Calc, Writer, and Draw.

Additional Windows and Linux tutorials on his site include: Image/Photo Editing, Thunderbird, Planetarium Software, File Backup, System Backup, Encryption (TrueCrypt), and Linux (XP to Linux, and VIM editor).

Keywords: Base, Writer, Calc, Draw, Thunderbird, Linux, Tutorial

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They’re written for Open Office, but with the odd “tweak”, I hope they’ll also work in LibreOffice, as I am trying to migrate, and if my previous experience is not broadly relevant, I may go elsewhere.

At at my Open Office base tutorials page there are many small databases explained. The pages take you through how to set them up.

This isn’t a source of big, finished databases. You won’t find a “ready to use” database of all the people in any film released in the 1960s, with tables for the people, the films, the studios, etc.

But if you wanted sample databases to learn about how databases are put together, I hope you will find my page helpful. There’s a link there for emailing me… feedback… positive or negative… always welcome.