Where is print to FILE option

Of a specified document I need print ONLY the page 1 on the clasic PS style.
Normally in old openoffice i go to PRINT/print as file/page1/OK

Now the option is missing, how i can do that?

Have you looked on top of the printers selection? It’s there for me with version 5.2.

LibreOffice has none of these options and only the real printer is available. What the hell were these developers thinking to change something that is NOT broken. Real dumb programing on their part. I’m dropping back to older version. I see no benefits in versions 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0. They are all slower and suck in my opinion. From a Software Developer for 30+ years so I know a bit about programing.

And the printer selection in does NOT have a drop down printer selection only 1 prnter is shown. Wish I could post a screen print

No selection available only one printer

I had the same thing happen. It used to be there, but it disappeared.

I poked around and found that Tools->Options->LibreOffice->General has a category for Print Dialogues with a check-box for “Use LibreOffice dialogues”. Somehow, it was checked.

I unchecked it and Voila! the “print to file” item reappeared.

version does NOT have this catagory?

Thanks you, Libre Office 5.0.2 didnt have it. Now was restored