where is the goto function within calc

where is the “goto function” within calc?
created index for an in sheet location of data.
would like to click on the subject or row number
and go directly to that particular row for data

Also in your index, you may simply InsertHyperlink (Ctrl+K) to a target in the document, like Sheet1.B100 or just a named range’s name.


First define a name. See → Naming Cells. That name will appear in the Name Box on the Formula Bar. Use the dropdown and select the name to go to that cell/range.

You can also just enter a cell location in the Name Box & hit Enter to go to that cell.

Edit: You can also see this info in the LO documentation → Getting Started with LibreOffice. Chapter 5 - Getting Started with Calc. Look at Formula bar (around page 9).

In the sidebar, call up the navigator. There you can specify column and row.

In addition to the answer by @MikeKaganski:
For a target you need to go to repeatedly, you also can use the HYPERLINK function like in one of the following examples:

=HYPERLINK("#G15:J32"; "Check!")  for a target in the same sheet.
(The arbitrary string in the second position is shown in the cell if present.)
=HYPERLINK("#myUsefulSheet.G15:J32")  for a target in the sheet named myUsefulSheet
=HYPERLINK("#relevantRange") to go to a range named "relevantRange"
=HYPERLINK(myAbsoluteFilePath & "#$refSheet.C11:C13")  for a target in any sheets document
(myAbsoluteFilePath is expected to NOT be "single quoted".)

This allows for quick editing and also for calculated target strings.