Why are there so many questions without any votes here?

I’ve noticed that very few of the questions and comments here have any votes (up or down). Why is that?

Is it because, like me most people here aren’t allowed to vote?

Now, I’m no super-star, but as I’m a member of about a dozen other ask sites, e.g. StackOverflow, unix, server, etc, and who has a modest worth at most of these other sites, I’m perplexed by this one’s lack of votes.

Here, so far, I can’t seem to get more than 1 point, just for existing.

I couldn’t post a screen shot today because that requires 3 points. I couldn’t vote on any of the questions or comments. I’ve even provided a number of answers, but just what does it take to get started with a few points here?


I also just did a bit of investigation. There are 3216 users here with 5 or more points. 29190 users total. Because you need at least 5 points to up-vote, to say that a question was helpful to you, only 11% of users here can give any sort of positive feedback. Now, I’m sure that there are more than 11% here who have something useful to offer. So I think it’s time to ease up the restrictions on up-voting and allow a little more positive feedback.

Also only 5 of the 29190 users have more than 10k points.

And only 26 more have between 1000, and 9999.

So this site is very top heavy I think.

How about share the love a little more.

my 2c.

(I don’t know an answer.)
Each user can accept correct answers to their own questions, I think. Few do. Wouldn’t it earn them “karma”?
Do you know really good askbot sites? Wold you mind to link in some examples here? Isn’t the software itself not actually suited for this purpose?
I do not suffer from lacking “karma”. Nonetheless I cannot do anything here concerning the setup.
No decider ever discussed the issue here. Those devoted to “meritocracy” seem to be more equal, obviously.

forum.openoffice.org/en is structured much better. It also accepts LibO topics. You may discuss setup topics there. Administrators an moderators will read.
There was a true forum on LibreOffice which recently died: libreofficeforum.org, RIP. Why?
From my judgemet the efforts by @charlie.it (Thanks!) to at least preserve the content were not supported unflinchingly by those in charge at the doument foundation.
May it be a matter of power?
Humans are tempted now and then.

Among the relevant advantages of “askbot” and the setup here a weighty one may be the fact that this question - as any question - cannot turn into a discussion. It will simply vanish from the front page as my recent question “Why is this site not structured better?” did.
A suggestion how to enforce the suppression of discussions: The setup should also disallow more than two comments by the same user under one topic.

There is a https://www.libreoffice-forum.de/

I share your opinions, now you have 11 points.

This site is flawed on so many levels it’s as if it were set up to discourage user participation.

See also this topic.

The answer is simple I think: The people who can, i.e. those with at least 5 points, are not voting up questions and answers very much.

I’ve noticed that the people with 1000 to 10000 points answer questions a lot, but almost never give points to the questioner for the question (i.e. they don’t hit the up arrow on the question). I can only guess they think the answer is worth something, but the question is not. I think this is short sighted. Every good answer started with someone asking questions. I think our goal here should not be to build points for ourselves, it should be to build the community. And this can best be done by helping motivate people to grow and become responsible problem finders and solvers.

So I think the solution is also simple: Anyone here who has at least 5 points should vote for good questions (by hitting the up arrow on the question).

This is especially important if the questioner only has 1 point because that will turn the questioner into a voter, who can then vote other questions up.

I’ve also noticed that new people (those w/ 1 point) almost never thank the answerer by either voting up answers or selecting an answer as “the answer”. I think this could be fixed by more often reminding people to do this, to teach them the how an ask site works. It’s clear to me from the questions that there are a number of students here.

??? It makes me wonder if people are getting an email when their question is responded to with an answer or a comment, or if they must manually check back here to find the answer (which wouldn’t work very well). Perhaps many people are never seeing that their question was answered. That would be a shame. But I’m still collecting more info, to see if this is true or not. So standby on this question.

Maybe check this post how-to-be-e-mailed-only-with-updates-of-askedanswered-by-me-questions.

@EasyTrieve: “I think our goal here should not be to build points for ourselves, it should be to build the community.”
A beautiful thought. An apt one, too?
Sorry! I can neither see a community here nor something promising to become one. And I wouldn’t expect a community to grow in the askbot surrounding. The “meritocratic approach” is mostly smoke and mirrors, IMO.
You may visit this site for comparison. There are individuals - and a community, too.

I’m new, today, 1/31/2018, and it is not clear, not well written as what to do, needs more info when pointer rest on icons as to what it is and why, need pictures in the guide, no email when I had an answer, but it was very helpful by 2 who quickly answered. But, I will be back,

Welcome! For email see here: Not getting email responses
Yes this site is not as good as something like StackOverflow, but it has a much better following of experts. Tip: for now check back often and click the red mail box icon for mail. Also don’t make comments like yours above as “an answer” to a question, as it’s not the appropriate place. There is a place also to report bugs here, I don’t recall where but you will find it if you look. :slight_smile: