Why can't I fill in IRS PDF forms?

When I downloaded some IRS forms that were PDF’s that could be filled in they did not work. Instead of being able to fill them in I could edit the form. At first I could fill them in, but my font was way to large. When I set the font to 12 point I ended up in the wrong field. For example it would change “First Mane.” I could not get in the blanks. I wound up having to reboot into Windows (I was using Linux Mint on a dual boot system) and use Adobe Acrobat to fill in the forms.

Draw is not a PDF “document processor” like Acrobat Reader or Okular, Atril, Xpdf and others. It is a graphical tool for drawing shapes and charts.

When it opens a PDF document, it splits it into basic shapes, among which single-line text boxes. The document loses all its high-level properties (such as form lay out and semantics).

It is handy to use it to modify basic PDF documents, which cannot be done otherwise. But if you intend to fill-in a PDF form according to its specification, Draw is definitely not the right tool. Use PDF viewers.

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