Why do you have this website?

I don’t know why you have this website when you don’t answer the questions asked.


Have hesitated to answer your current question as it is the same as that of the past two years. Having provided an answer last year and getting no response it would appear you solved your problem. If not, it is confusing as to why there was no response.

There is no time frame for replying on this or any other similar site. We are just other LO users as are you.

Who is “you”? - I don’t have this website, am I free to not answer?

To your question

Why do you have this website?

The website is here as a means to ask for and to provide help to you and other LibreOffice users. We have skills in different areas, and this site helps us to help each other.

You may note that the respondents here are volunteers, without fixed hours, and we have our paid jobs elsewhere. Expect that a response may take a day or two at times, before you start whining.

Just to remind you…

You currently have one open question (aside this one) which you asked 5 hours ago, about mailmerge. You asked the same question in triplicate. That is not required, so the other copies were deleted.

That open question is essentially the same as you asked about a year ago, when you were given an answer. You did not confirm that the answer was good and helpful, but neither did you follow up to show that you needed more help, so we must assume that somehow your issue was resolved.

You also asked about the same thing two years ago, got an answer, and did not react to that in any manner vsible on the site.

Another question you had here recently was also answered. You then answered back that you located the solution by a web search - quoting the answer given to you here as that search result.

So by the looks of it, all your questions seem to have been answered in due time. Do you have any questions I have overlooked, or observations of other questions which have not been answered? Please provide links, so we can rectify.