Why is Calc so much slower at opening/saving files than MS-Office? (win7 x64)

Take a look to the settings in:

The new 4.0 is just as excruciatingly slow. I’m losing my temper. Time to consider alternatives.

Hi guys,

I have made some time trails myself and see the time differences. The test only uses two files that are the same in content. The ods file is 3.2MB saved in Calc and the xlsx file is 3.9MB saved in Excel, you can see that ods is even smaller than the xlsx.

Program is still close

LibreOffice Calc

  • ods: 14.5 sec
  • xlsx: 16.8 sec

Microsoft Excel 2010 (Trial)

  • ods: 4.6 sec
  • xlsx: 2.8 sec

Program is already open

LibreOffice Calc

  • ods: 11.8 sec
  • xlsx: 16.2 sec

Microsoft Excel 2010 (Trial)

  • ods: 3.7 sec
  • xlsx: 1.5 sec

My OS is: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Laptop Specs: Intel i5-2430M, 8GB RAM, nVidia Geforce GT540M Cuda w/ 2GB

Can you please open a bug report with this document and your numbers and add the word perf into the whiteboard line? This would help us very much to improve the performance in future releases.

Without the help from the community providing us with real world documents showing performance issues we have a hard time improving the performance. Please spread this word whenever you see someone complaining about the performance.

It is known to some people that OpenOffice.org struggled to catch up with MS Office speed and functions.

I knew it, but I didn’t consider its a big issue as of opening speed, it won’t be too long as startup.

However, I concern any lags during processing, and I heard that “LibreOffice would be slower if the current code base do not change” or something like that after read mail-list and some articles.

where Excel vs Calc: calc do not support over 1024 columns.
where Word vs Writer: writer do not support over 65534 characters.

The user have their right to say “no” b/c the 2 feature above; I could laugh at them tolerated a office suite that style nearly do not exist.

Same or Different.

Same observation here.
I need to do the following-

  1. Data is organized in single column A
  2. I have to select some rows at a time copy them and transpose then in column B in order to split that in columns.
    I have created a macro for this. At a time, i select about 15 rows.
    The macro execution takes about 2 seconds to execute completely.
    Same file, same macro on Excel, its instantaneous.
    Details of the File as follows -
    Note- the file has been created in Excel saved in XLS format. Converting it to XLSX makes no difference.
  3. File size ~55MB
  4. Number of sheets - ~30
  5. Rows per sheet - ~10500
    Saving the file in Calc takes > 5 minutes. Till the files is completely saved, cannot use any other LibreOffice tool.
    Saving the same file on Excel is within a minute at the most.
    Strange thing observed, the macro execution becomes a little faster when I am charging the laptop.
    Please let me know if any more information is needed. I can attach the file required.

Hi @Abhijeet,

To paraphrase @mmohrhard’s comments above, please open a bug report with an example document and your performance numbers, and add the word “perf” into the whiteboard line. This will help us improve the performance in future releases.

Thanks @qubit1, will do that. Hope this gets addressed.

I found a temporary workaround that improved the performance from 40 seconds to 1 second or less in my case, read more at Why the super slow saves in Calc? - #3 by Francewhoa