Why not fix LO Writer's Change Case Command?

LO’s Change Case commands under the Format menu need to be rethought. They only work if the cursor is inside the word; if it is on the first letter of a word (which for most of the commands is the one you want to change), nothing happens. I recorded a macro to begin on the first letter, move right one space, and then toggle the case, but for some reason it doesn’t work. Nor does selecting the word and then toggling the case.

I strongly suggest that Change Case be changed so that it works no matter where in the word the cursor is.

I am using the latest Writer under AMD 64-bit Linux Mint 17 on a PC.

Please provide an enhancement request here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/?enhancement=yes

Can anyone suggest a macro that would first select the word in which the cursor is on the first letter, and then turn on the Change Case toggle?

The question targets a problem with the macro recording facility (i.e., as more generally indicated in this question), rather than the menu option (Format > Change Case). The menu option is designed, likely most formatting options, to be applied to a selection. I would think this is the standard method of use. Having the cursor prior to the first letter of a word is not a good method for indicating application to the word in question.