Win 10 privilege problem installing

I have Local Admin rights to my system only, which has been sufficient for installing and running LibreOffice up to 5.3.6. Today I installed 5.3.7, gave it the requested Local Admin rights, and it does install for a while, also removing the previous installation, but then stops, saying

Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Program Files\LibreOffice 5\program. the installation cannot continue. Log on as an administrator or contact your system administrator.

Access to the said directory is indeed not possible with my Local Admin privileges. I wonder whether the problem is a change in how LO installs or whether recent Microsoft Win10 updates did changes to the system to prevent my access to the directory.
The worst thing, however, is, that LibreOffice killed the working installation of the previous version!

Windows update has included folder protection in Windows Defender and this seems to be the problem. You can turn the protection off by clicking on the system wheel at the bottom left of the defender security centre page then clicking on the blue virus and threat protection settings. Scroll Down to Controlled folder access and switch it off and then try installing. My installation of Libre Office was also killed when I had my update refused. Unfortunately you may have to get the administrator to do this for you.

That is not the problem here. I have defender disabled. I am running Avira.

I am using Defender and the above suggestion cured my installation problem. Many thanks!!

This is a great answer but could have highlighted the steps to help people locate the answer faster as in steps. I skimmed this article 4 times before finding the steps to resolve this issue. a suggestion screenshots will help as well for faster visual identification of the solution. I do appreciate the answer but for those who are looking to quickly for an answer, this should at least make them stop and read the article in detail once they find there general location. It will also draw their attention to the proper steps and allow those who are like me to get to the answers faster by simply locating the steps to resolve it.

I am using Norton, I attempted to install under local admin and MS outlook admin, both failed. I disabled Norton smart firewall + auto protect for 15 mins. Then logged out and logged back in and installed LibreOffice 7.03 into my 64bit win10 laptop. No error popped up, Then turned Norton back on able. LibreOffice is working so far. I moved from MS Office to Libre office recently because MS office was telling me what I can/cant do. So far so good.

This doesn’t address what Windows 10 looks like in 2020. There’s a Windows Defender Firewall, but that’s not the same as Windows Defender, is it? There’s no system wheel. There’s nothing blue virus and threat protection settings.

You have said it is a different question so why didn’t you ask it separately?

See answer write error - the file could not be written - #3 by oporus . For Defender Firewall you could look on Microsoft site