Windows 11 File Explorer - how search .odt files?

Windows 8.1 File Explorer searched all my .odt files for any word I put in the File Explorer searchbox. Windows 11 only searches MS Word docs. I have clicked on …, chosen Options, clicked on Search, left unchecked don’t use index… under How to Search, and under When searching no-indexed locations, I have checked all 3 choices: Include system directories, Include compressed files, and Always search file names and contents. Explorer still only searches MS Word Docs. How can I make Windows 11 search like Windows 8.1 for LibreOffice files? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Have you looked at keme post and link (the rest of the post appears to be related to damage to Windows Indexing) in this thread: Windows 10 Desktop search does not index .odt file content - #2 by keme

Hi and thanks - I just found Advanced Indexing Options, and made sure all file types were checked, then changed to Files and Contents to be indexed. Now it finds files containing the search term in their >names< but still doesn’t find search terms in the text of any .odt files. My computer is 2 weeks old, runs Windows 11. Windows 8.1, on my old computer, searched within .odt files just fine.

I think you still need to make/let Windows rebuild the index; it will take time.

Personally, I turn off Windows Indexing entirely because of the performance hit. I rely on a structured filing system and occasionally a lightweight third party search which looks only at file names.

Have you made sure that the Explorer Shell Extension LibreOffice component was checked when you installed LibreOffice?