With LibreWriter 7,3 I click on remote files but after filling in the questions, I get a notice that it is not working

I just started LibreOffice and tried remote settings. I feel l answered all questions but it gave a notice at the end that it did not work. My computer is running Windows 11.
It it functioning or did I miss something?

Hard to say with this much information…

Please read this (the chapter more details)

At least the Version of LibreOffice and here the type of remote setting you’d like to do is necessary for anything other than guessing.

I have LibreOffice 7.3 and my PC has Windows 11.
Sorry to be limited with information but not much happened.
When LibreOffice writer opened, on the upper left it says remote files. I was interested in what it did so followed the prompts but at the end it says it is not working.
I did not know if that feature did not work or if I did something wrong.
I did read about protocol and information for new users and appreciate it. I hope I am following it and that I had more information. I have a feeling I am doing something wrong or this would not be on the opening page of the writer. This feature is just beneath open file.