Wrap is inconsistent

LO version: 4.2
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8

When I try tp wrap text using Format → Cells –-> Alignment sometimes it wraps the text to the next line in the cell. Other times only one line in the cell will display when the cell isn’t active. I’ve tried different values in horizontal/vertical definition but nothing helps.

Could you possibly provide screen shots with detailed explanations on what you did?

“Wrap is inconsistent.” is not a question.

Also indicate the file format (ODS, XLS, XLSX) being used. There are several open bugs relating to text wrapping in cells for XLS.

Check this bug 57519. It might be related to this which is around since LO3.6.

@horst - Thanks for the link to the bug. I added a comment because it still exist in v and is actually a pretty annoying bug because it reduces productivity a lot.

Please test if the option:

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice cal/General - Use printer metrics for text formatting

change something,

this is the case in the fdo#78503 Some cells overlap the cell to the left when Calc option “Use printer metrics for text formatting” is enable

@mariosv - I tested it and found that the cell size gets adjusted but only when you set or remove the check mark of Use printer metrics… There is no stable mode achievable.
Therefore it is unfortunately not a workaround; manually adjusting cell height or width is faster.

@ROSt53 maybe several secondary effects from this option, some day we will know, if the bug is fixed.