Writer cannot find my Thunderbird Address Book

I’m running libreoffice- and Thunderbird 60.9.0 (64-bit) on Ubuntu 18.04. When I attempt File > Wizards > Address Data Source > Thunderbird and then click Next, LibreOffice Base responds with

The File /abook.mab could not be

My Thunderbird profile is located in /home/(username)/.thunderbird/(random).(username) – right where Thunderbird’s profiles.ini says it should be. And the abook.mab file is located in the profile folder with 0644 permissions. Is there some trick I’m missing?


Have same set up with one difference. LO is same version but from TDF (The Document Foundation) not snap. Have no problem.

I note that this post on askubuntu.com indicates that “Using TBird addressbook has never been implemented in the Canonical version of Libre/Open Office. You need to UNINSTALL the version that ships with Ubuntu and install the version downloaded directly from the LO website.” But since that post was from 7 years ago – referencing LO version 3.5 – and since my installed version of LibreOffice explicitly offers Thunderbird as an option in the Address Data Source wizard, I assumed (no snarky comments, please) that my version of LibreOffice actually did support the T-Bird address book. Is the 2012 answer on askubuntu.com still valid?

Can’t answer that since I now only use TDF versions after having too many problems with others - especially distro versions. As stated before, the TDF version, just tested with your posted question, works for me.

It is possible there is a problem with the ‘snap’ version in that regard and maybe file a bug report.

I’ll try that out and post back tomorrow.

As suggested by @Ratslinger on 23 Nov, I dumped the Snap version and installed Version: (Build ID: 1:6.3.3-0ubuntu0.18.04.1~lo1) using:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-6-3

sudo apt update

sudo apt install libreoffice

and the Address Data Source Wizard successfully connects to my Thunderbird address book without issue. So, I guess the 7-year-old post from askubuntu.com I referenced above remains correct – the Canonical version does NOT work with the Address Data Source Wizard, and the LO version DOES work.