Writer: edit page header?

I’m writing a little book and changed the title slightly, but cant find any way to edit or change the header, which contains the old title.

added When I double click on that, it opens a window showing 3 header fields, and on the left it says Title, but I cant delete or change it.

Can you attach your file here?

The obvious way is to click in the header area, on the text of the old title, and that should be enough for Libre to enable header editing. If that doesn’t work, please get back with a detailed description of what happened. If it does help, please get back as well to accept this answer (tick the V mark on the left) to inform the community that this answer helped you.

edit The content of the Title field can be changed in File > Properties : Description tab, Title.

I’m not even clear what you mean. Header area on the text of the title???

There is a field for document title (Edit/Properties/Description). Put the title into that field. Then use Insert/Field/Title in the header (and every other place the title should appear). Then you have only one place to change and your whole document will be updated correctly.

That field doesn’t exist in my Writer.

I found this. Mine is grayed out too:


That’s about Calc, you probably replied to the wrong question.