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2016-04-28 11:36:04 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Import from REST API to Calc

Hi Ratslinger

Great, I will dive into it. Andrew Pitonyak's documents is now part of my desktop env ;-) . For the csv part i found this working ( simple simple ) Just get the csv file from internet and copy it to location. Credits to :

Sub oFileCopySFA
Dim oSimpleFileAccess
Dim oFromFile
Dim oToFile
    oSimpleFileAccess = createUnoService("")
        oFromFile = ""
        oToFile = "/tmp/test_copy.csv"
        If oSimpleFileAccess.Exists(oFromFile) then
            If NOT oSimpleFileAccess.Exists(oToFile) then   
                oSimpleFileAccess.copy(oFromFile, oToFile)
                MsgBox(oToFile & " File exists, but was overwritten ", 0, "Caution !!")
                oSimpleFileAccess.copy(oFromFile, oToFile)
                Exit Sub
            End If
            MsgBox( oFromFile & " Input file missing ", 0, "Caution !!")
            Exit Sub
        End If

End Sub

2016-04-27 16:49:58 +0100 bir soru sordu Import from REST API to Calc


I have an URL returning a JSON or a CSV file. I want to insert the received JSON data in a Calc sheet, or maybe more convenient save a CSV file to be read from Base. So I have two questions : 1. Is it possible to handle the URL returning the JSON in a macro, inserting it to a sheet ? 2. Is it possible to handle the URL returning a CSV file and save it from a macro

Best regards