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2020-11-11 18:37:00 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Libre office writer is really slow

This worked for LO 7.0.3 on MX Linux (Debian), Thanks.

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2020-09-11 14:36:43 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Attempt to Insert Toc: "idxexample.odt is locked"

On this new machine, every time I try to insert a ToC I get the mentioned error: idxexample.odt is locked for use on a different system since". Then I have the choice to open it read-only (which it is anyway, due to permissions), Open, or Cancel. Opening it leads to a normal ToC insert.

The Win8.1 user has Read and Execute permissions on the file (at program files (x86)/libreoffice 5/share/template/common/internal.

I've tried a new user profile - no difference.

I'm on LO x32, on Win 8.1 x64.

2020-09-09 17:14:24 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş macro: website lookup via system browser

Now that LO has customizable context menus (5.2), we are open to conveniently adding website lookups! I pieced together this macro for a dictionary lookup:

Sub Dictionary_Lookup ' TFD
    Dim SysShell As Object
    Dim oCursor, oSeL
    oCursor = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ViewCursor
    oSel = oCursor.getString()

    SysShell = createUNOService("")
    SysShell.execute("/usr/bin/flashpeak-slimjet", "" & oSel, 0)  
End Sub

I would be open to any suggestions for improving the macro. In particular, I would like to know how to call the system browser rather than spec the browser path, if that is possible. I'm on Linux.

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2020-09-08 21:42:54 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Carrying over settings to a fresh install

LO crashed on me, and subsequently the mouse wheel would not work on the program. (I use the imwheel enhancement on Linux Lite 3.0 x64 (ubuntu 16.04), and it had been working beautifully.)

I had been having some other issues, such as the About dialog said, though had been installed. A reinstall didn't help, so I decided to uninstall everything and start afresh.

Now the prog says, as it should, and I see improvements. But the program crashes on opening the first time. On the second try it does open, but the changes in the settings have not been kept. (I'm trying to enable OpenGL.)

So I figured I had to go with a fresh profile. That works, with two problems:

  1. I still can't get the program to start when OpenGL is enabled. It freezes, I kill it, next try it opens with OpenGL disabled. OpenGL was working fine on the previous install.

  2. More importantly, I would like to copy over keyboard customizations and settings. I think I have everything else. I have looked for this info, and only found some. I have had to reinstall recently before, and this was the worst part of the process.

Copying over the entire Profile folder only causes the crash / rewrite all options cycle. So this will have to be done surgically.

Any help would be appreciated.

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2020-09-02 10:45:30 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Adding chapter names to Header; formatting

I'm having fatal problems trying to set up a page header in a modest document. I have my H3 heading style set to insert a page break using the Default page style. That works.

In the Header, I insert the Field, "chapter number and name". The problem is it picks up the first chapter and does not advance with succeeding chapters.

In addition, I hit the Tab key and then insert the page number field. That puts a wide space between the two header fields, but it does not send the fields to the side margins, which is desired.

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2020-08-29 19:06:40 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş index table not clickable

I've got a Writer document that has two tables of contents. The first is based on "Outline", and picks up Headings. It is clickable.

I went through the same process to create a Table based on Index entries, and created an index entry for it to pick up. It picked it up fine and displays it, but it is not clickable.

From what I can see all settings between the two tables are the same. What am I missing?

I find the ToC dialog very opaque, and found it impossible to amend the settings of the index entry once it was created. Indeed, making that attempt froze LO, and the system with it, requiring a hard shutdown. But I think these are peripheral issues to my immediate problem.


2020-08-29 19:06:17 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)
2020-08-27 09:31:57 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş How to speed up opening LO?

I've been deploying LO on windows machines. When on older netbooks with Atom processors, the first opening per session is painfully slow - some 20 seconds on some machines, despite the preloader.

This is a problem I'd like to remedy, and am looking for suggestions. So far I have turned on the preloader, and that generally helps quite a bit. I also have disabled Java and the experimental features, such as macro recording, on the theory that they take resources. I'm still getting large delays on some systems. Today I got one on an Atom N270 running XP on 1GB RAM. This generally is a pretty speedy system for its configuration, and I'd like to do better.

Once start center is open, opening a blank Writer or Calc document takes a little time - more than I would like, but not too bad.

Is there any way to only install the most often used components of LO - Writer, Calc, Impress - and would doing so speed up the initial opening of the Start Center? (Subsequent openings are very fast, the way I would like it to be, so it must be a question of loading something into RAM.) Or any other ideas?


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2020-08-23 19:00:16 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş Can't save/edit templates

Hi, I'm using LO 5 on linuxlite, a ubuntu derivative, and last week I created three templates. Two are stored in the standard .config folder, another in the 'user/templates' folder, which I added to LO Paths. Lo sees the templates. I have read and write file permissions on them.

However, when I open and edit the templates, I cannot save my changes. The Template Manager has only one large field, showing thumbnails of each template. The Save and Set as Default buttons are grayed out. The Properties button works. And those are the only options presented to me.

[edit: added lo5 + linuxlite tags]

2020-08-05 12:12:21 +0100 rozet alındı  Önemli Soru (kaynak)
2020-07-29 10:24:44 +0100 en iyi cevap olarak işaretlenmiş [feature request] Customizable list of "favorite" (most-used) styles

I'm having a problem accessing my most-used paragraph styles. The Styles and Formatting box, unless I am missing something, gives me the choice of either All Styles, which has so many that it is unwieldy, or Applied Styles, which often doesn't include a style I want to add, sending me back to All Styles, to fend there.

What I would find very helpful would be a customizable set of styles, which I could populate with those I use most often. Am I missing that?

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2020-04-07 03:03:05 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı How can I stop the dialog to select a language for content copied&pasted from a browser in Calc from popping up?

Still present 4 years later. There must be a reason this thing pops up, but I haven't found it, or how to turn it off.

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2019-07-29 17:44:12 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Writer: page scrolling problem

I think it's resolved. The problem was in the registrymodifications file. I found that when I generated a new one, the p

2019-07-28 03:47:32 +0100 bir soru sordu Writer: page scrolling problem

Writer: page scrolling problem I'm running the latest LO on MX Linux 64 bit. For quite a while now I've had a page scrol

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2018-08-02 18:20:02 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How do I access the new table styles in Writer

Is this still not working, even in I'm not going to sacrifice my user profile in order to get the new table sty

2018-07-13 00:41:33 +0100 rozet alındı  Ünlü Soru (kaynak)