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2014-01-30 02:39:40 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş How do I uninstall LibreOffice?

I want to delete LibreOffice

2014-01-30 00:38:02 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Why am I getting the 1335 error during install of 4.1? I have downloaded 4.1 twice with the same result.

@manj_k Thank you for the heads up. I have updated the answer and the corresponding illustration.

2014-01-30 00:36:44 +0100 cevap düzeltilmiş Why am I getting the 1335 error during install of 4.1? I have downloaded 4.1 twice with the same result.

Read this Q&A: While downloading I have received an Error 1335 code - " is corrupt. Must I abort the download or can I click on ignore?

Check that your file has downloaded correctly:

  1. From the download page click on the "Info and Hashes" link of the file(s) you have downloaded (see image below).

    LibreOffice download links

    Click for a full-resolution image.

  2. Take note of the "hashes" listed on top of the mirrors page (you'll need no more than one type of hash).

    LibreOffice file hashes

    Click for a full-resolution image.

  3. Use a tool for Windows such as RapidCRC Unicode, Checksum Control, or WinMD5Sum to verify the "cheksum" of your downloaded file.

2014-01-29 23:41:27 +0100 rozet alındı  Güzel Cevap (kaynak)
2014-01-29 22:56:51 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Is there any way to save custom color palette files?

A quick research (LibreOffice built-in help and this extension) indicates that you can open and save colour palettes as files with the extension .soc that are saved, at least in Ubuntu 12.04, in ~/.config/libreoffice/3/user/config/ (if LO 3.x) ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config/ (if LO 4.x).

You can save your colour palette in order to use it in another LO. You do this (save and load palettes), from within LO Draw, menu Format > Area, tab Colors.

To change the predefined colours for graphs, go to menu Tools > Options | Graphs | Predefined colors and then add and/or change colours as desired.

2014-01-29 22:23:04 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Libre Office 4.1.4,installation package cannot be opened, Contact the Application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package

Also, verify the file downloaded. Check this Q&A.

2014-01-29 22:15:13 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Writer won't remember custom toolbars I have open

@tenren I'm glad you sorted it out. Please answer and accept the the answer so this question is closed. Regards,

2014-01-29 18:45:59 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı Writer in Spanish. Index Edition does not work.

Have you tried creating the index anew? If the duplicate entry still occurs, you might have to check the configuration of your index or whether you have duplicate text or heading within your document. Check the Writer Guide. As for your other question, I suggest you ask it separately.

2014-01-28 20:00:10 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Copying text modifies my documents

What version of LO are you using? Did this occur with previous versions? Do you have the same version of LO in Windows and Linux? Openbox and KDE desktops are in the same machine (i.e., same version of LO)?

2014-01-28 19:44:21 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş Add bookmarks automatically according to the Heading styles


I'm using LibreOffice Writer on Windows XP SP3. I have created a large 100-pages document. For titles I have used "Heading 1" and "Heading 2" styles.

Now I have a need to edit document in several places. I though I would create a bookmarks for every "Heading 1" and "Heading 2" titles like from menu Insert | Bookmark. But I have A LOT of titles. Is there any way to automatically add all bookmarks for "Heading 1" and "Heading 2" styles?


2014-01-28 19:22:50 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Writer in Spanish. Index Edition does not work.

The automatically-generated indices generally should not be manually edited for content. If the undesired index entries no longer exist as sections in the document, updating the index should do the job. For this:

  1. Click anywhere in the index.
  2. Right-click and select Update Index/Table from the pop-up menu.

However, it is possible to do the manual edition of the index; for this:

  1. Click anywhere in the index.
  2. Right-click and select Edit Index/Table from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click the Index/Table tab
  4. De-select (un-check) the option Protected from manual changes.

More information on the Writer Guide, section Updating, Editing, and Deleting Indexes and Tables of Contents (en español).

2014-01-28 19:04:22 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Writer won't remember custom toolbars I have open

Please tell us which version of LO and Operating System you are using.

2014-01-28 02:23:56 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Why a second cursor? Looks like a capital i.

There's no need to ask the same question twice ( ). Please delete one of them and, most importantly, improve the question.

2014-01-28 02:21:41 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Why did a second cursor pop up? Looks like a capital i.

It is very difficult to provide help with your question as it is. Please provide more information: what where you doing at the moment; whether you were working in Calc or in Writer, etc; what kind of input there is in your document (e.g., text, numbers, links, etc.), and, in general, anything that can help the community understand what you experience. Also, check

2013-11-19 21:26:05 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Strange y-axis scale in a chart
  1. Double-click in your image, and then right-click over the Y-axis (the label "Y-axis" should be visible).

    Select Y-axis

  2. Select "Axis format" from the contextual menu.

  3. Go to the "Numbers" tab and de-select (un-check) the option "Format of origin".
  4. Now you can adjust the value of "Decimals" (e.g. to "2") under the "Options" section. Click "OK".

    Adjust decimals to be shown in graphics

    Click to open a full-resolution version of the image.

Now, as to why the Y axis shows this (very small) number when it should be simply zero, I don't know. The axis properties are automatically set so the X-axis should be placed at zero, but the graph somehow shows something else.

This is surely a bug, now it is a matter of finding out whether it has been reported already. If not, please file a bug.

Either way, please post a link to any bugs found or filed in a comment below using the format "fdo#123456".

2013-11-15 22:43:46 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Multiple dictionaries for spell checking

This sounds like a perfect request for a feature, or at least, for an extension.

2013-11-15 18:45:42 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı CALC: How to show text within a cell using IF function?

If I understand right, you have at least three cells of interest here: B7 with some text, H7 with some numbers, and a third one where you want to show, either the same text as in B7 (when H7>0) or the number "0" (when H7<=0). Am I right? See edited answer.

2013-11-15 18:31:47 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How to correct line spacing in copied text

Try pasting as unformatted text. Check this Q&A.

2013-11-15 18:18:56 +0100 bir soru cevapladı CALC: How to show text within a cell using IF function?

You introduce the formula:


In this case, if H7 is greater than 0, whatever is in B7 will be shown. If H7 is lower or equal than 0, the value "0" will be shown.

If you want the "0" to appear when H7 is greater than 0 and the text in B7 when H7 is lower or equal than 0, you would use:

2013-11-14 23:00:09 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş Disturbing error message


I just saw my LibreOffice crash. When I started it back up I got this slightly disturbing error message:

Either another instance of LibreOffice is accessing your personal settings or your personal settings are locked. Simultaneous access can lead to inconsistencies in your personal settings. Before continuing, you should make sure user 'myname' closes LibreOffice on host ''.

Do you really want to continue?

Now, I moved from my home to an internet café but the message does suggest some kind of malicious thing going on. Anyone care to comment?

Kind regards, Marc

2013-11-13 16:54:30 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Forms and data extraction

Great! Thank you!

2013-11-12 22:26:04 +0100 bir soru cevapladı Display number in seconds

At the bottom of the Format cell dialog box, there's a field titled Code format (or something like that, since I am seeing the Spanish-language version). There, if you want to display seconds and thousandths of a second, you would use:


If your data is originally in milliseconds (only), you would have to add a decimal point before the numbers.

I hope this helps.

2013-11-12 19:34:14 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Forms and data extraction

Perhaps your VB script could be used as the basis for one macro for LibreOffice, or even to create an extension.

2013-11-12 17:58:21 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı text doc now spreadsheet

We will need more information to be able to help. How did you see "it was different"? Perhaps the extension of the file is wrong? How does it look when you open the file? Could you provide some screenshots? Additionally, it is always good if you declare your Operating System and LibreOffive version.

2013-11-12 00:17:22 +0100 soru düzeltilmiş How to print slide presentation with notes?

I want to print my slide presentation with notes attached.

2013-11-12 00:11:51 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How to print slide presentation with notes?
  1. Ctrl + P or menu File > Print...
  2. In section Print at the bottom of the dialog box, option "Document", select "Notes".

    print dialog box

    Click to open a full-resolution image.

  3. Click OK.

2013-11-11 16:34:59 +0100 cevaba yorum yazıldı How do I create a frame for code?

In fact, I didn't check printing. If it's just an artifact in the pdf reader, everything might be left as is. Being an issue related with the PDF software, rather than with the file, it is possible that other users of the same file will have a different experience when displaying the file on their screens, rendering the adjustments in my answer either unnecessary or useless.

2013-11-08 23:47:44 +0100 soruya yorum yazıldı Can I force a particular application to open a file?

Would it work if you run from the command line libreoffice -show filename.ppt? Just an idea to try.

2013-11-07 22:46:19 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How do I create a frame for code?

When defining your paragraph style, apply a border with the same color of your background around the paragraph, but make sure you un-check "Combine with following paragraph" under "Properties" at the bottom of the dialog box.

You can play with the thickness of the line, as well as the spacing to text.

It seems to me that this works in removing the thin white lines. At least I couldn't detect them at 400% zoom on my PDF.

2013-11-07 20:44:40 +0100 bir soru cevapladı How do I copy a toolbar?

In your case, I think you don't really need to create a brand new toolbar, it might suffice to follow the procedure below. However, you can easily create custom toolbars by clicking on the New... button while at the Personalize dialog box (see second image, below).

  1. Go to the menu View > Toolbars > Personalize....

    personlize toolbars menu

    Click for a full-resolution image.

  2. Select the tab Toolbars and find "Flowchart" in the drop-down list.
  3. In the Orders section, un-check those buttons you don't want to appear. When done, click the button OK.

    personalize toolbars dialog box

    Click for a full-resolution image.

  4. Having the Drawing toolbar visible (from View > Toolbars, check "Drawing"), click on the "Flowchart" button, which deploys the Flowchart toolbar. It will now have only those buttons you left checked. Notice on the bottom of the toolbar box a symbol with three small horizontal lines (see where the pointer is located in the image, below).

    Flowchart toolbar deployed

    Note: No changes have been made to the toolbar in this image.

  5. Drag the box away a little and release the mouse button. Now the Flowchart toolbar is separated from the button, and can be re-positioned anywhere you want, either docked together with the other toolbars or left floating.

    image description

    Click for a full-resolution image. Note: No changes have been made to the toolbar in this image.

  6. You can hide the Drawing toolbar if you want (the opposite of what you have done at the beginning of step 4.)