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"Send -> document via email" doesn't work

asked 2017-07-06 08:35:18 +0200

jampjamp gravatar image

I've asked once for it #, but no-one helped, so I'll try again.

It shows "LibreOffice was unable to find a working email configuration", I've tried to reinstall Thunderbird (which is set to be default MAPI mail sender in Windows' control panel). I've also updated LibreOffice to the newest revision. Nothing has worked. I found many solutions, but it's rather for a Linux. Any ideas what can I do more? "Mailto" in webbrowser works correct, it opens Thunderbird.

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answered 2017-07-06 09:13:06 +0200

librebel gravatar image

Hello @jampjamp,

Please check if Thunderbird is set as the preferred email program in LibreOffice:

1. select the menu `"Tools  :  Options... :  Internet  :  E-mail"`
2. click the "Browse..." button to locate the Thunderbird program.
( on my Ubuntu the path is: /usr/bin/thunderbird )
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I have this problem since upgrading to on Linux Mint 19. Why does this suddenly not work? Yes, I can save the document in every format I want to send it in but that will just litter my hard drive. I have set claws-mail as my preferred email client in Mint settings and added /usr/lib/claws-mail in LO settings.

Please fix this Document Foundation!

sidestrand gravatar imagesidestrand ( 2019-01-18 18:14:09 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-07-06 09:51:10 +0200

updated 2018-03-09 17:43:04 +0200

  1. For Windows, there's no EMail setup options in Internet top-level configuration category. Sending is done using LibreOffice's senddoc.exe program, that in turn simply uses Windows MAPI dll (mapi32.dll; see senddoc.cxx:259 and simplemapi.cxx:30). The Windows dll's MAPISendMail function does all actual job. So, the failure to find the mailer happens outside LibreOffice's code. I only could guess that LO/TB bitness might have something to do with this problem.

  2. It's unhelpful to double-post. If you really need to send your question again, then at least remove your previous one, to keep things clean. Or, better, just update your initial question with additional data (e.g., what you tried in between).

[EDIT 2017-07-31]: There is a Thunderbird problem that prevents "Send to > Mail recipient" function to work correctly (see e.g. TB release notes for 52.2.1, Known Issues). The workaround mentioned there is to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 redistributable runtime library or the Universal C Runtime for Windows Server. Maybe it's something related to this issue as well.

[EDIT 2018-03-09]: LibreOffice had used 8-bit MAPI to communicate with default mail provider; it also used original filename for temporary attachment files. With some of recent changes I made to the code (starting with this commit, followed by this, this, and this), it now uses 16-bit Simple MAPI, which eliminates some of problems that could result in such a message. Also, a problem code is now shown in the error message, to help determine the real problem. It will be available in version 6.1 (or using current dailies).

Specifically, this kind of problem could, among other reasons, be triggered when the document being sent contained some characters in name which couldn't be represented in current 8-bit Windows codepage. To check the problem, just create a simple file named "aбγ.odt" (i.e., containing Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek in the name - so cannot be represented in any Windows ACP), and try to sent it.

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answered 2017-07-08 12:44:59 +0200

Ezh gravatar image

Same problem here. Tb is the default mailing app on Win7, but LO fails to find it.

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Thank you for this useful answer! It definitely helped the asker to solve the problem.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2017-07-08 12:55:19 +0200 )edit
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